My Specialisation

Creative Design

"Creating something different", That's what most people are aiming for. In my design i want to extend this quote even further by adding the goals of the customer. By adding the mind of the company or person to a design you can create a whole new layer of possibilities

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Vive. Each and every day virtual reality makes a new appearance on the market. I want my virtual worlds to have a connection with the viewer, so that each and every experience will be new and exciting.

Web development

Many IT projects these days are made on a web based app. To enable people to use this to a full extent i make my apps with a strong usabillity so that it's easy to understand and powerfull to use.

About Me

Born and raised in the Netherlands, interest for technology was what i grew up with.

The last years on the Fontys made me who i am today. Exploring the wide field of IT, along this road i discovered the vast world of Virtual Reality, Creative Designing with a purpose and Strong usabillity Development.

All these new studies changed my way of thinking about my work and my way of working. Before i start a project these days i first go and think "what could make this even more awesome?" The Ideas that come from this question are always to be considered to implement to be sure that my desire for this project becomes even bigger.


Virtual Nature



Manus VR library


3D Printing

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